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E-cargo bikes TRIPS

Opt for our electric-assisted E-cargo bike for logistics and last-mile urban delivery.
Our Made in France chassis can transport 350kg of payloads while remaining manageable and suitable for deliveries in the city center or pedestrian street.

Triporteur electrique professionnel cargobike velo cargo
Triporteur electrique professionnel cargobike velo cargo
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E-carbo bike TRIPS Pick-Up

Make your job easier with the Triporteur Pick-Up!
This robust module equipped with an electric tipper will meet your many needs: Road maintenance, transport of goods, etc.

Triporteur Pickup électrique
Triporteur electrique professionnel cargobike velo cargo
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Taxi bike TRIPS

The Taxi scooter combines comfort, safety and robustness. Perfect for transporting people, this spacious bench will delight passengers.
This scooter is equipped with a step, a safety ramp and a rear trunk to store personal effects.

Triporteur électrique Taxi vélo taxi
Triporteur electrique professionnel cargobike velo cargo
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E-cargo bike flat floor TRIPS

Thanks to its reinforced steel frame, the cargo bike flat foort will allow you to transport heavy loads and Euro pallets up to 350kg.
This scooter combines comfort and ease of use, robustness and ergonomics.

Triporteur électrique Taxi vélo taxi
Triporteur electrique professionnel cargobike velo cargo
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Food bike TRIPS

Do you want to get into mobile catering? Here is the perfect tool: The foodtruck!
This mobile, autonomous and adaptable kitchen will allow you to set up anywhere in order to show your kitchen to any type of person.

Triporteur Pickup électrique
Triporteur electrique professionnel cargobike velo cargo
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Easy 360° turning

Up tp 350 Kg payload
Up to 30Km autonomy


TRIPS Ebike range

Your Electric TRIPS ebike kitchen module is made for street selling and event selling. Its 100% autonomous and its customizable professional kitchen allows cooling, cooking and selling of several food and goods. Among it: plancha, fries, hamburgers, pizzas, crèpes and pancakes, beers, sodas, ice creams, and more according your unique needs.

Your TRIPS ebike pickup module is equipped as a pick-up. It allows collectivites, companies, industrials to collect, gather and transport goods and materials.

Your TRIPS electric cargobike is equipped with a trunk at the back. This cargobike allows merchants to offer delivery services, messengers and transport companies to optimize logistic for last mile deliveries downtown while remaining environmentally friendly Large cargo 2 m3

Your TRIPS ebike taxi module is equipped with 2 passenger sit à the back with a trunk for personnal belongings. It allows entrepreneurs, tourist guides and companies to securely transport passengers.

TRIPS ebike with Flat floor has a flat surface fit for transportation of European pallets downtown or around cluttered surroundings like industrial parks with it’s 100*140cm flat floor. It can carry up to 350 Kg.

TRIPS custom e-bike offers innovative solutions to answer your unique needs. Whether you need specific equipment or functions on your TRIPS, our team will work on any of your need. For example: the add of a larger tank for beverages of all types (wines, sodas, milks etc.), adaptive volume for tank or cargo, advertising panels etc..

TRIPS professional ebikes pictures

TRIPS : manufacturer of professional ebikes

TRIPS professional ebikes are utterly concieved and made with utter precision and attention to details. It’s thanks to a 30 years of industrial knwoledge that TRIPS is so reliable, easy to handle and adaptable. Quality is the most important. Each TRIPS is thoroughly tested by our services and our after sales services available for any information.

TRIPS know-how and the utter control of the production, from the base frame to the assembly that makes it possible to answer your specific demands in the shortest delays. Contact us and tell us about your project. Our team will be glad to answer it.

Would you like to know more? Check out the news on TRIPS professional ebikes Linkedin or the TRIPS FAQ.


For all custom demands, our team will answer your specific needs.

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You would like to write a feedback on our products, send a specific demand or you want to join our company?

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