The Flat floor ebike for heavy loads transportation

Ebike for Euro-pallets, barrels, euro-boxes


Up to 250 Kgs


Up to 35 Km

Large floor


Made for security

Large floor 100*140cm


holding cleat

Strap hanging system


TRIPS Flat floor module :
2980*1100*1180 mm (L*l*h)

Flat floor :
1400*1000mm (L*l)

Weight : 126 Kg



Reinforced tyres
Reinforced spokes
Hydraulic front fork

Electrical assistance

Bafang bottom bracket motor

Removable 17.5 Ah battery

(additional battery option available)

Enviolo Cargo gearbox

Rear differential


Highly resilience padded saddle

« Swan neck » base frame

Straight back Sitting position

Maneuverability 360°


Hydraulic avia brakes

Ebrake technology

Horn 90-110 dB

Headlight warning light*1/

Rear headlight*2/ Left & right turn indicators


Epoxy steel

triporteur-trips-module-plancher-plat (2)-mini

no CO2 emissions

Ecological vehicle
Reduction of carbon footprint

Financial Gain

No Registration fees
No Insurance costs (automatic third party insurance)
Low fuel costs
Low maintenance costs

Efficiency gains

Without driving licence
Up to 25 Km/h – ideal in the city

TRIPS base frame with FLAT FLOOR, is a flat floor ebike with flat surface fit for transportation of European pallets 80*120cm. Made for downtown deliveries or around cluttered surroundings like industrial parks.

-Large flat floor at the back of your TRIPS : 140*100 cm for European Pallet, barrels or Euro boxes.
Can fit for 6 large barrels of sixty litters (62.5*40*33.8cm) or for 8 large transportation boxes of fifty six litters (60*40*31cm).

Heavy charges up to 250kg.

High manoeuvrabilty and comfortable sitting position, as on a normal bike.

Security with performant braking systems allying parking brakes and disc brakes on all wheels, load at the back enabling visibility when driving.

Know more about TRIPS Flatfloor module technical characteristics

You want to customize your TRIPS Flat floor module with the name of your brand ? Please contact us to know about the custom possibilities on your TRIPS base frame or your Flat floor module. We provide custom services so you can be delivered with your ebike flat floor already customized for your uses.

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TRIPS ebike FLAT FLOOR module characteristics


Made for Euorpean Pallets

80*120 cm


Steel base frame

Payload up to 250 Kgs


Differential for optimum road holding and durability

Parking brakes and disk brakes

Main technical characteristics professional ebikes TRIPS

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