Why choosing TRIPS out of the other electric bikes on the market ?

RIPS is the only electric bike that is this much customizable and reliable. It is because we make it from scratch that we can offer such services. It is 100% conceived and made in France. TRIPS can drag up to 250Kg and goes over slopes up to 15%. Its comfortable and secure thanks to efficient braking system and shock-absorbers.
TRIPS is easy to handle. The modules are on the back of the bike, offering large visibility and maneuverability on the front. TRIPS can turn around 360° easily which is an asset to move and park even in cluttered surroundings. Its battery is fast charging, in less than a night (4 to 6 hours), you will be good to go again. And if you can not wait this time, you can choose an extra battery, so you will never run low on energy.
You are not finding the right module for your needs? You need more elements and options? TRIPS will answer your needs. Please contact us and tell us about what you are seeking for and we’ll come back to you shortly.